Recovering Damages for Injured Passengers in a Las Vegas Car Accident

Sometimes, people cannot always drive themselves to get to where they need to be. Many people climb into the passenger seat of a trusted vehicle for a ride. This may be a friend, family member, or taxi. Typically, this is done without any concern or worry about risking their life. However, it is always important […]

Car Insurance Requirements in Nevada

A car accident can be a scary time in an individual’s life. Regardless of the severity of an accident, it can cause a sense of panic and leaves a driver unsure of what to do next. In the event of a car accident, car insurance policies can help pay for the medical bills and property […]

Proving Negligence in a Las Vegas Car Accident

When a car accident happens as a result of another driver’s negligence, it is a personal injury accident. This can cause serious injuries or even death to another individual. When this happens, the injured party may wish to hold the negligent party responsible for their behavior that caused the accident. In order to win a […]

Becoming Injured by a Drug Impaired Driver in Las Vegas

Automobile accidents can be very scary and stressful no matter what the situation is. These situations can become increasingly emotional in the event that the accident occurs due to impaired driving. Many people typically associate impaired driving solely with driving under the influence of alcohol. However, impaired driving also covers driving under the influence of […]